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Thank you for visiting the Smart Choices Web page! Smart Choices is the place where you want to go for the unusual, the unique and the hard-to-find items!!

We also are the distribution site for the PDEStore and the PPALStore shopping carts.   These are among the absolute best carts that you will find - and they are VERY reasonably priced. These scripts are extremely easy to use shopping carts for the home business or the small business. They are among the easiest to setup and use, and support the popular PAYPAL credit card payment system, or mail-in payments and checks.  The PDEStore cart also supports alternate payment methods that the user can add in. We'll try to make more available for free in the months ahead. There are also excellent support forums for new and current users.

Click on SHOPPING CART SOLUTIONS to go to the home page for the carts and see what you think!

logo.gif (2458 bytes)Be sure to check out what we're selling on Ebay - click HERE to go to the Ebay Auction site to see what we're selling this week! Good luck bidding!!

The SMART CHOICES web catalog is temporarily down for reconfiguration. We'll have it back on line soon with a great new line of Items. Check back often to see what we currently are featuring! Thanks for visiting both our Free Shopping Cart site and our Web Catalog!